Scratch programming

  • Coding in RobotixAI is truly student friendly way of teaching.
  • We teach it from the basic levelsof Coding.
  • We teach Coding based on SCRATCH.
  • SCRATCH is basically Block based programming language.
  • Its the easiest way of learning Coding.
  • We teach Coding to anyone of any age without any Coding Xperience with ease. 

        We Teach 

  • Scratch.
  • Scratch & C.
  • Learning basic Programming with Scratch

  • Introduction to Scratch

    1. Scratch Programming

    2. Scratch Gaming

  • This course has been developed after 6 years of extensive research on STEM, Robotics, Scratch Gaming & Python Programming for kids. We have taken small steps to enhance the knowledge of Math & Programming using a software Robot Simulation.
  • What you will learn ??
  • Learn Scratch Programming
  • Learn Scratch Gaming
  • Learn Math fundamentals through Programming & Gaming
  • Drag & Drop based software to learn programming easily
  • Learn to create Technology through Programming
  • Build various 3D shapes & print them on 3D printer using Programming
  • Learn to build 2D games on Scratch
  • Learn to build various 2D shapes on Python
  • Control Electronics & Robotics Devices
  • Learn about Robotics programming and how robots are made to move and turn
  • Using timers to wait between two different activities of a robot.
  • Learn other programming fundamentals through Scratch Programming
  • Learn the Engineering & Math
  • You will learn different programming concepts in an easy way like
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • If & else statements
  • Using variables 
  • Sounds boring but you’ll love the way Maths concepts are explained in the course like
  • Number lines
  • X Y Z axes
  • 3D objects (Cube, Cuboid, Pipe, Tubes etc.)
  • 2D objects (Square, Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon, Circle
  • So, Enroll for the course & Enjoy learning !!
  • What you’ll learn
  • Scratch Gaming (develop 2D games)
  • Electronics & Robotics programming
  • Learn Basic Math Concepts
  • Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • You only need a computer and enthusiasm to learn something new
  • Who this course is for:
  • Kids age 8 yrs and above
  • Parents & Teachers
  • STEM Trainers & Educator

    Duration : 12 Hours

    Eligibility : 8+ years

    Assessment &